Studying abroad in 2023? You’ll need a POA.

For many young adults, the opportunity to study abroad is a defining moment in a college career.  

Maybe your child is planning to study overseas in 2023. Or maybe they’re planning a service project or stint in the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. No matter their ambition, fulfilling them will be easier with a power of attorney (POA) form in place.

Plus, many study abroad programs encourage students to sign a POA prior to leaving so that parents can act on the student’s behalf while they are out of the country for a semester or more.

Any time you travel, but especially long-term trips such as for study or mission trips, provide an excellent opportunity to get a young adult power of attorney form completed.

A Real-Life Story of a Student Abroad Who Needed a POA

Kenny Deland made the news when he disappeared while studying abroad in France. While authorities, including the FBI, continue to look for Kenny, his parents have not been able to receive any information about their son due to the lack of a POA on file.

According to CNN, Kenny’s parents said, “There’s no reciprocation of information. [That] privacy act prevents disclosure of information, you can give them information, but they cannot give you information.” Kenny’s father reports calling the French police departments and being told there’s nothing they are permitted to share.

All of it amounts to an already awful situation being made that much worse. Kenny’s parents have created a website to field any information about their son. In the meantime, if you have a child preparing to study abroad, or even thinking about it, use this as an opportunity to help them get a POA document in place.

Why You Need a POA When Traveling Abroad

Along with a passport, a student should have a power of attorney form in place when traveling. Sadly, as Kenny’s story shows, accidents can happen at any time that can cause an adult child to become incapacitated or go missing.

Many important legal changes occur when a young person becomes an adult in the eyes of the law:

  • Parents no longer have the right to make medical decisions for their child
  • Parents are not authorized to help adult children manage financial issues
  • Banks and insurance companies will no longer communicate with parents about a child’s account or health condition

Absent a power of attorney form and healthcare power of attorney form, parents are not authorized to help adult children manage their financial, legal or healthcare decisions.

Putting a POA in place now takes the catastrophe of becoming incapacitated without the power to name someone you trust to make life and death decisions for you off the table.

Get Your POA Forms Now Through Mama Bear

While some states do offer POA forms for free, they differ in quality from one state to the next. Attorneys typically do not use the sample forms provided by states.

Many claim to carry no cost, but charge a fee to download the documents or require a subscription. Additionally, it can be difficult to find the right form and fill it out correctly.

Mama Bear Legal Forms offers law firm quality, state-specific, affordable power of attorney (POA) templates and healthcare POA forms you can customize for your children in less than 20 minutes.

All three of the forms we offer in our Young Adult Package are legally valid in all states and include guidance on how to complete them. 

Get the peace of mind you need and the documents your child needs to have everything secured before they study abroad. Get yours now.

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